PebToy/80 is a highly compressed pebble made exclusively of pure cellulose.

It is an attractive product for rodents and lagomorphs (from 9 weeks for lagomorphs). It allows them to satisfy their need to gnaw.

PebToy/80 does not require any additional work. It is easy to distribute and get rid of.


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Data sheet

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AniBed - Illustration
AniBed - Illustration
  • Box of 120 Pebtoy/80 (2 bags of 60) (reference : PebToy/80)
  • Sterilisation by Gamma ionisation on demand
  • Pollutant-contaminant and microbiological control on each batch
  • Raw material : Pure cellulose
  • Density : 1.2 grams/cm3
  • Moisture content : less than 10%
  • Size :
    • Diameter : 50 mm
    • Length : 30 mm
    • Weight : 80 grams

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