Pebble toy

What is Pebble toy ?

PEBBLE TOY is a unique designed for non-human primates environment enrichment.

PEBBLE TOY is made of a mixture of 70 to 80 grams pure cellulose and 7 to 10 grams appetizing controlled and  dessicated fruits.The mixture is carefully pressed into a cylindrical pebble .

No plastering agent is added.

PEBBLE TOY is distributed to animals which try to get fruits parts out of the pressed cellulose. This activity may  keep their interest for hours.

PEBBLE TOY is reproductible in its composition, easy to deliver, and appealing to animals.

The many qualities of PEBBLE TOY

Three studies have been performed in primates housing facilities to evaluate the  behavior of the animals with PEBBLE TOY.

The conclusions of the studies are as follows:

  • Immediate and sustained interest in adult and young primates, whether individual or group housed ( saïmiri, cynomolgus, rhesus)
  • Duration of use from one to many hours.
  • No fighting, no aggressiveness.
  • Sharing of PEBBLE TOY by paired animals.
  • No interference with food intake.
  • No effect on feces.
  • No wound, no toxicity.
    Moreover, PEBBLE TOY presents other major advantages:
  • Easy to store and dispense.
  • No preparation requested, no extra device or support.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • No filling, cleaning, rinsing or disinfection needed


Quality control

The control process is two step one.

Raw material:

  • Cellulose is controlled for chemical contaminants and microbiology
  • Dehydrated fruits are controlled for pesticides(European regulation 396/2005/CE) and additives (European directive 1995/2/CE), and microbiology.

Final product: Certified PEBBLE TOY may be obtained on request

Detailed analyses are appended



PEBBLE TOY is vacuum-packed.

The stability at room temperature has been checked at 22 months based on bacteriology.


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AniBed - Illustration
AniBed - Illustration
  • 12 plastic bags of 10 PEBBLE TOYS parcels.
  • PEBBLE TOY is a trade mark. PEBBLE TOY is patented



Raw Material: cellulose and dehydrated pineapple dice
Weight : About 90 grams
Size : diameter :50 mm. Length : 35 mm.

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