Cellulose Bedding

Well-defined composition: Eliminates variables encountered in traditional bedding .

Reduction of dust.

High absorbency.

BCell16 is produced by ANIBED in compliance with a specific process which guarantees production regularity, both for grain size as well as the dust reduction.

Certificate of analysis is available as standart.

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  • Autoclavable bags of 9 kg(reference BCell16)
  • Double bags 9 kg irradiated 10 kgy (reference: BCell16-IR10) on request
  • Raw material: Pure Cellulose
  • Grain size :  4mm / 16mm
  • Density: 180 kg/m3
  • Absorbency : 9 to 10 times its weight in water ( SCAN-C33/80 standart)
  • Dust level less than 355µ : 0,025%
  • Moisture : less than 10 %

*data not contractual

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