MP8/CP50 Litter

Poplar Chips & Broken Poplar

MP8CP50 is a MIXED litter made from poplar chips and shavings.
Rodents will spontaneously nest in the shavings.

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AniBed - Illustration
AniBed - Illustration
  • 7kg woven polypropylene bag
    (reference : MP8CP50)
  • Double packaging of 7 kg ionized at 10 kGy or 25kGy
    (reference : MP8CP50 IR10 or MP8CP50 IR25 )
  • Wood type: Poplar
  • Grain size of the MP8 break: 3.15 to 6.3 mm
  • Chip size CP50: 20 to 50 mm
  • Percentage of the mixture mass/mass: 85% MP8 + 15% CP50
  • Density: 130 kg /m3
  • Very low dust content
  • Humidity level: about 12%

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